I can see for miles and miles


Riding through the Carson valley, the old adage “it’s about the journey, not the destination” really seems to fit. For anyone who has never cycled, you simply don’t get the same kind of perspective when driving these same places. The automobile serves as a sort of disconnect that doesn’t quite let you appreciate the geography of where you are. You’ll never forget an inch of the road that you ride on your own power.

The view from the top


To add to your bucket list: Tahoe Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.

Many years ago when the Tahoe Basin was still logged extensively, the Flume Trail was used to transport timber down the mountains to Sand Harbor (visible in the picture 2,000 ft below). Today it’s nothing more than narrow winding single track that provides the most breathtaking vista of Lake Tahoe anywhere in the region.



Welcome to my new home on the internet. Over the years as social media has become so integrated into our daily lives, the number of outlets for sharing our thoughts and experiences has grown to the point where you almost need to use them all if you want to reach everyone. I haven’t particularly cared for most of the big social media apps in quite awhile, and I certainly don’t intend to even try and keep track of three or more at once, but I do like sharing my photos and experiences from my excursions, and that is what brings me here.

What I intend for this site to be is an enjoyable collection of photos and stories for friends, family and anyone else out there who may come to enjoy it (and I certainly hope that you will), composed in a format that can be shared across all networks. I’m no Ansel Adams, and I’m certainly no Ernest Hemingway, and I don’t intend to try to be a combination of the two, but I do wish to keep you coming back for what I hope you will find to be “a good read” every now and then.

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